Being Marilyn

cassandra & ernesto productions

Being Marilyn

cassandra & ernesto productions

Being Marilyn

cassandra & ernesto productions

Being Marilyn

cassandra & ernesto productions

Based on The Dress by Justin Hamlin

Screenplay by Terri Potoczna

At an after work birthday drink in the pub, Lee grabs Sean’s jacket by mistake and pulls out some red lingerie. All Sean’s mates think this is a trophy from a hot date and tease him about it. Only Roger guesses the truth…

Running time: 24 minutes
Locations: United Kingdom and Hungary

Drama 2019


Tate Birch


Bob Broad

Sean as a child

Katona Bálint

Sean’s mother

Kyra Pfitzner




Roger… Bob Broad

Sean … Tate Birch

Debbie … Hayley-Marie Axe

Drag Artist Mechanic …Dale Wylde

Sean as a child …  Bálint Katona

Lee Brewer as himself

Pub customer with phone … Simon Rayder

Sean’s mother  … Kyra Pfitzner

Girls in limousine

Rhiannon Mankellow

Lili Nyikos

Blanka Réti

Nightmare Mechanics:

Mr Grey

Karan Kumar

Donát Magyari

Tom Popper

Ngo Quoc Huy

Christopher Simmersbach

Rest of cast in alphabetical order

Barmaid with red hair … Melissa Aldridge

Darts player .. Fredericka Charles

Apprentice with cigarette  … James Embleton

Pub customer … Benjamin Peter Jones

Barmaid behind bar …Julia Lacey

Pub customer and snooker player … Adam Readman

Apprentice in wig … Alex Rogerson

Pub customer and snooker player … Stephen Thomas


Line Producer

Trevor E. Hurrell (UK)

Assistant Director (Budapest)  

Laura Horvath

Camera Operators

Terri Potoczna

Alvaro Fussen

Hamish Nichols

Camilla Compton

Sound recordists and boom   

Israel Crespin

Rhia Fraser

Alvaro Fussen

Simon Rayder

Production Assistants

Sophia Grillia

Gilda Jaworska

Harry Locke

Max Stapleton 

Make up artists     

Lydia Karagiannopoulou   

Abi Reynolds

Stills Photography

Max Stapleton   

Laura Horvàth

Administrative Assistants

Adriana Capadose (UK)

Rahel Kleiner-Schlaepfer (Bp)

Original music 

Kung Fu Slipper

Happy Birthday sung by 

Krystyna Rogerson

Drone Pilot:  

Ernesto Peregrino

Editing  and sound design   

Terri Potoczna

John Rogerson

Sound mix and design

John Rogerson at Halo Studios

Preliminary sound mix

Mihàly Fehér


Szandra Bognàr


sound effects


John Rogerson – Halo Post

David Merlini at Houdini House

Justin Hamlin

Eszter Nagy at Karmazin

Mihály Fejér

Southborough Men’s club

Cosmetic Car Care Tunbridge Wells

Miles Garage

James Farrance

Being Marilyn

cassandra & ernesto productions

© 2019

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